Friday 14 February 2014

Raring Reds!!

Item marked with * was free gift with purchase.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and to celebrate the love here are my top 5 picks for your nails today:

Rouge Escarpin - Bourjois*
This is a lovely red colour, just a hint lighter than Essie's Fishnet Stockings, a lovely colour for Valentine's Day.

Fishnet Stockings - Essie
This is the colour that I am going to wear for Valentine's Day, it's such a lovely classic red

Crush - Barry M
I love my matte nail polish's so this had to make it in the top 5. It's such a lovely dark red, and when it goes matte it just looks so timeless, and a dark berry red.

Burgundy - Natural Collection
I wore this during the festive season but it was such a lovely red with a shimmer that I just thought it would look brilliant on Valentine's Day.

Sardonyx - Models Own
With nail polish and choosing favourites you need a glitter one and this is my pick. It goes onto the nail like a really thick gel and once it dries it has a somewhat gritty texture to it (this could easily be changed by adding a top coat to it), overall my favourite red glitter polish.

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