Saturday 6 June 2015

Barry M Eye Shine Shadow & Glaze Palette

On my Instagram I was tagged by Hayley at LoveLifeandLollies to do a 4 or more tag, and on posting my Barry M palettes she commented that they had a new limited edition one out the Eye Shine.

The palette contains 6 eyeshadows and an eyeshadow glaze, now the idea of a topcoat for eyeshadow intrigued me so that was it, the palette was snapped up.

All the shades are shimmer shades and out of the 6 shades on first glance I would use the 3 brown shades and maybe the white shade as a base, the blue and green shades I would be iffy about using.

I found the shades to be well pigmented (the white shade was the worst), and I have used the last 3 shades quite a lot since receiving this palette.

Now the eye glaze, how does this work? I hear you ask, well what you are supposed to do is apply the glaze using your finger, and the end finish should be a dewy eye look with the glaze turning your eyeshadow from a powder into a gloss.

This I found to be just complete pants, if I am honest with you. You can see in the above photo that once the glaze was applied the eyeshadow just went really patchy. When I applied the glaze on my lids the eyeshadow just started to stick everywhere and it wasn't a good look. For me the palette could have done with a blusher to compliment the eyeshadow shades as they are just gorgeous.

The eyeshadow palette retails for £6.49 and can be found at your local Boots or Superdrug.

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