Wednesday 20 May 2015

ELF No More in the UK?

While perusing online, I thought I would have a look at the ELF website, and to my surprise, it was like looking at a ghost town.

On further investigation I found out that the website is closing down as the distributors of elf cosmetics in the UK have ended their contract with ELF US, so for us UK fans of the beauty brand the only ELF cosmetics that we can get a hold of, is what is currently left on the website for purchase (which had massive reductions). I have currently tried to access the website and from today ELF is No More! in the UK.

I emailed them and queried about the Cardiff store, as only last year they opened their first flagship store in the UK. The response from the ELF UK team was that they are now joining forces with Beauty Crowd and the Cardiff store will now be the first Beauty Crowd store.

I have also been told that ELF US are currently looking for new distributors of their products in the UK and to keep an eye on their facebook page HERE.

It might only be for a little while until ELF US do find a distributor, but how long is a little while?

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