Saturday 9 May 2015

March/ April Favourites

Welcome to a double edition of my monthly favourites, if you have read my last 2 recent posts you will remember why there has been such a long wait.

On with the show

As you can see my favourites are larger than they were in previous months. As it is quite large I have seperated them into sections to make it easier to describe them all. First I am going to start with my nail polish likes from the past 2 months.

Strawberry Tart - Models Own Fruit Pastel
I am not a fan of pink, it's not my favourite colour but I saw this on the Models Own stand in my local Superdrug and thought "let's step out of my comfort zone and give this a whirl". I am so glad that I did the colour is fantastic (and add the HyperGel topcoat), this lasted a full 7 days without chipping (unsure if that was the polish or the topcoat - jury is still out on that)

Full Throttle - Barry M Speedy Quick Dry
With Spring here and in full swing (when it's not raining anyway), all the spring shades have come out of my IKEA Helmer drawers and have them on display. This I picked up when Barry M released their Speedy Quick Dry range, and this is an absolutely gorgeous orange colour, very bright and applies brilliantly in 2 coats.
Barry M have also started to do the flat brushes in these polishes so it makes application onto the nails a hell of a lot easier.

The Body Shop Grapefruit Eau De Toilette
This is another step out of my comfort zone, I'm not a fan of grapefruit it is just a bit too tart for me, but I love the smell of this EDT. It is such a fresh smell and great for Spring/ Summer as it is such a light scent.

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau Du Perfum
I actually bought this for my mum for Mother's Day, and as soon as I smelt it, that was it I was hooked. I went out and bought myself a bottle (it retails for £20 but I got 10% of as I am a Love Your Body card holder - Good Times). This smells absolutely gorgeous not really a Spring/Summer scent but I don't care it smells fudging fab-u-lous!!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

As you've gathered by much of this post Spring is here and with Spring Mr. Sun starts to make an appearance and that means so does bronzer. I do like my light bronzers as it adds a hint of colour and doesn't make my face look too dark, and this one is just fantastic.

Sleek Blusher - Flamingo
Since becoming a beauty blogger I have got into blusher in a huge way, and this one has been one of my favourites for the past two months. With the sun making an appearance this gives a nice flush of colour to the cheeks.

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
I have been using this powder for weeks straight (hence the massive hole), the powder is translucent so doesn't oxidise orange on the skin. I love this powder and for £3.00 it is not inexpensive and I probably will need to repurchase this soon.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur - Cool Rose
I was iffy with the Baby Skin Pore Eraser but this has surprised me and I have been using this primer quite a lot in the past 2 months (the tube is nearly empty, so a repurchase will be in the cards soon). This primer applies translucent onto the skin and just creates a nice glow to the skin (this is especially needed on a Monday morning when it is back to work)

Essence Stay Natural Concealer
I have been using this non stop for the past 2 months as it just highlights my under eye and just gives some great coverage as well. The formula isn't too thick so it covers but doesn't crease onto the skin.

B.Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer

Last but not least is another concealer, this time from B. Cosmetics. Again another great under eye concealer that covers but doesn't crease into the under eye area, and just brightens it up nicely as well. As you can see this is another one that I have been using non stop as much of the writing on the packaging has come off - oopsie!!

If your still reading this - we got there in the end.

Thanks for tuning in


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