Saturday 30 May 2015

Natural Collection Bronzer - Sunshine

When it comes to Spring/Summer that's when I start to wear a lot more Bronzer (you should see my bronzer drawer), as it just gives such a love hint of colour and I don't look as pale as I normally do.

The next contender on my whirlwind Spring/Summer tour of bronzers is Natural Collection with their Bronzer in the shade Sunshine.

This is a light bronzer with shimmer running through it, now if you read my Essence Sun Club post, you will remember that I said I wasn't a big fan of sparkly bronzers. This bronzer is not that bad, the glitter is more noticeable in the pot then on the face (so a bit pointless being in there to be honest).

Despite the glitter this isn't a bad little bronzer, especially if you are on a budget as it retails for only £1.99, and can be found on the Boots website HERE.
The bronzer comes in two shades Sunshine and Golden Glow, as you can gather I picked Sunshine as it was the lightest of the two, you can also see in the swatch above that it is lighter on the skin and gives such a nice glow to the cheeks when blended in.

I would repurchase this again as it is so easily blended and the glitter doesn't really make a difference to the bronzer (which I am quite happy with).

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