Monday 31 March 2014

Revlon Butter Balm

These are brand new from Revlon, and I managed to snag one (I've not been able to find them in my local Boots, I had to go further afield).

The concept with the Butter Balm is that it is really a lip balm that contains a hint of glitter, this can then be worn on its own or with your current lip product. As you can see in the swatch above there is only a hint of glitter, and you can just see something there on the back of my hand.

I know the idea of glitter on the lips will send you back to your teenage years (it does me), but over the top of a lipstick when your on a night out this surprisingly works, because there is a hint there when the lights hit your lips it will bring out the sparkle of the glitter.

These can always be worn on their own just for their amazing lip butter properties to moisturise the lips and add some shine to them.

Overall they aren't bad, a good moisturiser for the lips.

They can be found in Boots and on their website here and retail for £7.99.

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