Tuesday 4 March 2014

February Empties

Products marked with * were a present for Birthdays/ Christmas.

Welcome to the February edition of my empties, this month has been a busy month when it comes to my empties, I will forewarn you it is going to be EPIC!, Enjoy

1. NSPA Eucalyptus and Watermint Hand Wash*
This was a Christmas present, I wasn't that taken with the scent of it, it just smelled like fish to me, my partner couldn't smell it but I was glad to be rid of the smell (I'm not ungrateful I just really did not like the smell of this)

2. No7 Brush Cleanser
I love this brush cleanser, and I had another in the bathroom ready to take it's place, it just works so well on getting the make up out of my brushes.

3. Superdrug Cotton Wool Buds X100
These are fantastic for when I need to clean up any mistakes when I've been painting my nails

4. Johnsons Baby Shampoo
I finished another bottle, which I will need to replace (at the moment using a miniture, great for cleaning my brushes.

5. The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter
This I bought a while ago and have just got around to finish it, it smell really fruity, and I would buy again but I think the line has been discontinued.

6. Avon Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray*
This I got for Christmas a while ago and have just managed to get around to using it. I didn't notice that it made my hair shine any more or any less.

7. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cherry
I love batiste and this was my last large can of dry shampoo left, all I have now is miniatures. I would repurchase this it had such a lovely scent.

8. Simple Face Wipes x7 & x25
I love to use face wipes just on a night to remove the bulk of my face make up ( I do then do a last sweep with some micellar water). These were good wipes and didn't break me out so that is always a plus.

9. Avon Senses Winter Delight Shower Gel
This I have had flying around my bathroom for what seems like ages, and have finally managed to finish it off. It was a really nice scent very festive.

10. Strictly Professional Cosmetic Brush Cleanser
This is really good for deep cleaning my brushes, it really gets the product out of the brushes. I use the baby shampoo to rinse the product out.

11. FCUK Body Scrub*
This was a birthday present a while ago and I've managed to get to it in my massive body scrub stash, it had a really nice smell and wasn't too harsh on the skin.

12. Collection Skylash Mascara - 17 Ultra Black
I loved this mascara, it really extended my lashes. I do think this has been discontinued and I thought it was time to throw it out.

13. Boots Double Sided Cotton Wool Round Pads
I love these cotton wool pads, they are double sided (the softer side for your face, and the other side for your nails)

14. Primark Round Cotton Wool Pads X300
These weren't too bad they were quite rough so I won't buy them again, maybe I'd use them on my nails to remove nail polish but that would be about it.

15. Superdrug 100% Pure Cotton Wool X100
This was a bit rough on my face, it wasn't really bad and I could still use them but I'd probably use just to remove nail polish.

16. Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make Up Fixer
This was a really good setting spray, but the only con against it is the price of it for the size of the product.

17. Wella Silvikrin Hairspray
A good hairspray kept good hold, and didn't make my hair look rock hard.

18. IKEA Tindren Candle - Apple
Smell really nice, made the room smell like apples but the wax didn't properly melt down there was quite a lot left.

19. Tesco Cotton Buds X100
These were great just to clean up any make up mistakes.

20. Style Expertise Taming Anti Frizz Serum
I love this anti frizz serum, have just repurchased it. It kept my hair from frizzing, and for under £3 that is a bargain.

21. Lily of the Valley Hand Wash*
This was a stocking filler from my mum, I love Lily of the Valley, it's my favourite smell and this smelled lovely.

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