Monday 24 March 2014

KIKO Mono Eyeshadow

I'm fairly new to KIKO and their make-up range, so at the moment I only have a few of their products in my collection.

Brown eyeshadows, always good for a natural look, and you just know I love that natural look, these are two of the offerings from their solo eyeshadow range, which have a very large selection of colours (Good Times!).

The two I have are 134 Pearly Cocoa, and 122 Mat Beaver Brown.

Pearly Cocoa is a dark brown with a shimmer running through it, you can see in the swatch above that on first impact it is highly pigmented. Good as a crease colour in a smokey eye look with the lighter brown.

Mat Beaver Brown is a light matte brown eyeshadow, not that pigmented on first impact on the back of the hand but when it is packed onto the eyeshadow it does show up. As I said good for a base colour and then adding the pearly cocoa on the outer corners and the crease to outline the eyes.

These are great eyeshadows and I am looking forward to adding some more to the collection.

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