Tuesday 18 March 2014

E.L.F. Haul

DISCLAIMER: I am not bragging, I am just showing what products I have recently bought that may show up in future blog posts. I bought all the products with my own money.

I have been wanting to try some products from E.L.F. for a while and recently they had a couple of offers (Free shipping and 50% off when you spend £30)

As you will see this post is a tiny bit picture heavy, as I did manage to get quite a lot of things.

Clarifying Pressed Powder - I love using a face powder to set my make up and for £1.50 this was a bit of a steal, I grabbed the lightest shade which was Ivory, so I am looking forward to using it.

Lipstick - I bought 2 of their lipsticks in Fantasy and Charming, a brown, and a rose red, pigmentation on the hand wasn't that good I had to use it a couple of times just to get a good colour.

Single Eyeshadow - I have to admit these I bought for the packaging, they remind me so much of NARS packaging, I've already used Wild Wheat and it is such a lovely colour on the lids. They are quite pigmented and go on quite well.

Tone Correcting Powder - Cool - I ordered the tone correcting powder in Cool (I did have a problem with this item as the mirror was hanging out of the casing, I did contact E.L.F and they gave me a refund, I did manage to fix the mirror by using a hot glue gun).

Kohl Eyeliner: Black - This is quite a different eyeliner as it is quite a thick pencil, on the other end it has a smudger to allow you to smudge the eyeliner under the eyes.

Daily Brush Cleaner, Mineral Face Primer - Green, Flawless Finish Foundation, Make-Up Mist & Set
Daily Brush Cleanser - I always use No7 which retails for £8 so I wanted to try this as it was half the price.
Mineral Face Primer - I bought the primer in green to help combat redness on the face.
Flawless Finish Foundation: Porcelain - I have gone against the great Lisa Eldridge and bought a foundation online (I do feel a tiny bit guilty about it), I bought the lightest shade to try and see what it is like.
Makeup Mist and Set - You all know what I am like for my setting sprays, this was only £3.95 and is the same amount as MUA (£5), and NYX Matte Spray (£8).

Blending Eye Brush - I'm trying to teach myself how to create a smoky eye so I grabbed a blending brush to help with blending all the eyeshadow together.
Stipple Brush - My Real Techniques stippling brush fell apart on me so I needed a replacement and for £3.95 I thought I would give it a try.
Foundation Brush - You can't have too many foundation brushes
Eye Crease Brush - As I said I am trying my hand at a smoky eye and I thought this would be good for putting eyeshadow in the crease.
Total Face Brush - I was a bit let down by this brush, the bristles are quite rough on the skin, and I did have a lot of them falling out on me.

Loose Eyeshadow - Finally, I bought two of their loose eyeshadow sticks (I had another problem with one of these, if you look closely you can see the crack, same as the tone correcting powder I contacted E.L.F and I managed to fix the product with sticky tape in the end)

Have any of you used any of these products? If so what do you think of them?

Thanks for tuning in


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