Sunday 9 March 2014

GOSH Prime and Refresh Illuminating Eye Primer

I love a good under eye refresher, helps get rid of the suitcases under my eyes and brightens them up.

This I bought to test out and to see if this would help with dark circles and bags because I'm not a morning person so any extra help I can get with the bags under the eyes is heaven sent.

The product boasts that it will help with tightening the skin instantly (I never noticed this to be honest), it will reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness (nope definitely did not help)

The theory behind this is sound, I love the top where it has 3 little balls to massage the product into the skin rather then the normal 1, but I never noticed a difference under my eyes (my under eye area is just so tough that nothing will work).

This can be bought at Superdrug or online here.

So the search carries on for a good under eye product that will help remove the bags and tighten the skin. Have you tried any good products that help with bags and dark circles?, if so leave a recommendation in the comments below

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