Wednesday 19 March 2014

NYX Matte Setting Spray

I love NYX products, the packaging is lovely and the quality isn't that bad either and I have been wanting to try the matte setting spray ever since I found out NYX are stocked in Next stores.

I finally bought a bottle in store and when my Collection setting spray ran out I grabbed this to take it's place.

Once this has been sprayed onto the face it has quite an odd smell, almost clinical. I picked up the matte spray as I already have oily skin (especially around the T-Zone) so there is some shine there which I want to dampen down. Once it has dried on the skin I have noticed that it does leave my skin looking matte, but I can sometimes find patches forming around my T-Zone. I also find that when I spray the product onto my face it seems to go everywhere else but my face (my work shirt ends up covered in the stuff).

It's a nice setting spray, but for the price of £8 I don't think I would buy again as I can get the same product but cheaper.

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