Sunday 20 April 2014

Maybelline Ancillary Master Kajal Eyeliner

These were the new release over the Christmas period from Maybelline, a lot of eyeliners are now using the pointed type of nibs. The shape of the nib looks like it might make it easier to create a winged liner effect.

The eyeliner comes in three colours:

  • Pitch Black
  • Lapis Blue
  • Oriental Gold

I have Pitch Black and Oriental Gold or you today.

When it comes to eyeliner I am not adventurous because if eyeliner goes wrong it ruins everything. The eyeliner is infused with oriental oils and the eyeliner is creamy so goes on really easily.

I did use the gold one over the Christmas period (Gold + Christmas = the whole connection there), and it brightened my eyes up and seemed to make them look a lot brighter as well as wider then normal.

As you know Black eyeliner is my staple it's rare that I diversify, and I do like this eyeliner, but there is a problem that I noticed, when the eyeliner has worn down you're going to have to sharpen the eyeliner BUT it's just one big cone of eyeliner so sharpening it is going to get a bit messy.

As I said I do like the eyeliner and the cone type nib is a good idea especially when creating a winged liner look but one day it is going to get messy when sharpening.

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