Tuesday 8 April 2014

Bourjois BlackJack Volume Clubbing Mascara

You know what I am like if my eye is caught by some nice packaging, and it was by this the Bourjois BlackJack Volume Clubbing mascara.

This mascara came with a lot of boasts as well so it wasn't just a pretty face, on the Boots website it claims:

"Part of the Volume Clubbing family, this extreme volume mascara is 100% tear and sweat proof Its waterproof formula is enriched with vinyl and light-reflecting particles of gold, making your eyes sparkle all night long! Tested and approved by clubbers!"

As I said a lot of boasts, I road tested this mascara on a night out well 2 nights out in succession. One being a meal and a couple of drinks, and the 2nd being a night out on the town.

I have to admit it did seem to last, I didn't notice any flaking through the night and my curl did seem to hold for a bit. I didn't notice if my eyes sparkled due to the reflecting particles of gold but it did good.

The brush is a very strange one it has thick bristles and then quite large gaps between them, I will admit because of this the brush does get full of excess product, which you know is a pet peeve of mine as it makes your lashes go clumpy.

Overall it did hold it's own pretty well on a night out, but it can go a bit clumpy due to the excess product, so make sure you have a lash comb close at hand.

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