Saturday 26 April 2014

ELF Brushes

As you saw in my ELF haul a while ago I bought some of their brushes to try out, now some I love and some I have been a tiny bit let down by.

All Over Face Brush
I ordered this for application of powder, this is one of the brushes that I feel let down by, the brush is quite rough on the skin and the hairs just keep falling out of it (even before I washed it)

Stippling Brush
This one I love, I love a stippling brush for application of powder as I feel it just picks up the powder and massages it onto the face really well.

Crease Brush
This brush I love and I hate. It fits into my crease line and applies the eyeshadow briliantly but the brush is just shoddy, the hairs are falling out of it and 'm not that impressed with it.

Blending eye brush
I have tried this to blend my eyeshadow, but it's another one that I'm not a fan of the bristles are quite rough especially around the eye area, it has potential if they change the bristles on the brush.

Foundation Brush
This is a brush I do like, their foundation brush works well and applies my foundation really well, I've had no hair loss on the brush (so far) and I would repurchase this brush again

Out of the five here there were a couple that were good and one that has potential. Overall some OK brushes for a low price but with some you do get what you pay for.

Have you tried E.L.F. brushes and do any stand out for you?

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