Wednesday 2 April 2014

March Empties

Welcome to another edition of my empties, so let's roll on with the show.

First up is make-up:

1) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (Trial Size) - This I thought I would finish up, it wasn't too bad, a silicone based primer.
2) Disaronno Lip Gloss - This I got free with a bottle of Disaronno, it was a nice lip gloss and tasted of Disaronno, so for a gimmicky lip gloss it wasn't too bad, but as you can see it is way way way out of date.
3) SEVENTEEN On The Spot Foundation (Porcelain) - I did like this foundation, and after I had posted about it I found that they do, do a lighter shade so I may have to see what the shade is like.
4) No7 Make-Up Brush Cleanser - This is my go to brush cleaner, I love this stuff, I've just started a new bottle, and I will have to get another as a back up, it's just that good.
5) Collection No Clumps Mascara - This wasn't a bad mascara but everytime my eyes watered it would just start to run, so I couldn't wear it to see a soppy movie.
6) SEVENTEEN Hide Away Concealer - This was an OK concealer it covered up what needed to.
7) MaxFactor Wild Mega Volume Mascara -  This was a good mascara but there is just too much product on the brush.

Another empty was the Accessorize mascara.
This mascara I hadn't even used yet, and when I opened the tube the mascara had all dried up, now this was all sealed with plastic and everything, so beware of accessorize mascara.

Next up is skincare:

1) Boots Double Sided Cotton Wool Pads x50 - I love these cotton wool pads, they are really soft on the skin, and as they are double sided one side is for the face and the other allows you to take your nail polish off..
2) Body Care Round Cotton Wool Pads x50 - These were very soft and not too rough on the skin.
3) Radox Brazilian Fusion Bubble Bath - A really nice bubble bath that I have had for a while and have just been trying to finish, I would buy again, but not at the moment as I have a load of bubble bath to use up.
4) Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Moisturiser - As you know I love this moisturiser, but I have noticed that my skin is starting to dry out so I have swapped my moisturiser to a different one to add a tiny bit of moisture to my face.
5) Bodycare Square Cotton Pads x50 - I like this cotton pads, but they aren't the best for spot cleaning brushes as they are quite thin.
6) Superdrug Oval Cotton Pads x50 - These are my go to pads for spot cleaning my brushes, I have just started a new packet, and have another waiting in the wings.

So that is the end of my empties, I hope you liked it.

Thanks for tuning in


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