Saturday 28 June 2014

Peach Melba - B.

When it feels like Summer is close to arriving the bright colours come out and this nail polish is no exception.

B. cosmetics can be located in Superdrug stores and it is a brand that I have only just started to dip my toe is (so to speak). This is their first nail polish that I tried and I will admit that I was a little impressed.

The colour is a gorgeous coral orange, and is very pigmented, on first application this went on like a dream (as you can see in the picture the brush is absolutely massive, the biggest nail polish brush that I have seen). On the first coat the nail polish was quite opaque, this did surprise me as I thought because of the colour it would be quite thin and I might be applying 4 coats of this. I did stick with the gospel 2 coats and the polish looked like a dream on the nails.

The brush doesn't leave any streaks and the formula is fantastic not too thin (that it becomes drippy), and not too thick (that it applies like a big massive wodge on your nail). The brush covers the whole nail so it is rare that you have to go back in more then once with the brush.

The bottle boasts that this nail polish is long wearing, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I had this polish on for 5-6 days and I didn't even notice any tip wear on my nails, and when I went in the shower only 3 nails out of 10 had chipped (that's like 30% if I want to be mathematical).

Overall a great polish, great colour, and a great formula (be sure to watch out for my June favourites because I can promise you this little beauty is going to find it's way on the list).

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