Monday 23 June 2014

Miss Sporty Studio Colour Mono Eyeshadows

I have to admit I haven't got much from the Miss Sporty range (as a beauty blogger who needs to try out things this is a tiny sin). I haven't really been impressed with the packaging it's a bit tween for me, there are a few that aren't too bad, anyway on with the review.

This is a lovely gold colour very pigmented and applies well to the lid good as a base when creating a smokey eye look

I have to admit that this is my favourite of the three, it's such a lovely brown shimmer shade, I did try this in the crease but it just came up too light to define my eyes. As you can see it is pigmented so not much is needed if you are using it as a base (this would work with a darker brown shade).

This is my least favourite of the three it's not that pigmented (as you can see on the swatch) so you end up packing a lot onto the lids to actually look like you have any colour there. If you are going to create a smokey eye it might be good for the inner or outer corners as a highligher but anything else and your gonna be at it a while.

I like the eyeshadows but they are really finely milled, I just use my brush and I'll have loads of product collecting in the ridges of the eyeshadow (this can be a pain). The bumps, although they look pleasing and different they can be a hindrance to picking up any of the shadow.

I don't think I would sample any more of these shadows, although they are nice enough the design on the shadow is a pain, and you loose a lot of product which once on the brush can lead to fallout.

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