Sunday 8 June 2014

Maybelline SuperStay Concealer - Light

This was a recent launch from Maybelline, their Super Stay Better Skin range (which also includes the foundation, which shall be reviewed at a later date)

The applicator is the plastic kind that you see in lip gloss tubes (this is good as it is hygienic and no chance of bacteria being on the applicator). I apply this onto the skin by applying some onto my finger (this allows for more precision).

I have to admit I do like this concealer, it applies to the skin really well and blends really easily. I have found that it has really good staying power (I am looking forward to trying out the foundation).

I would repurchase this concealer again as it does do a really good job, the packaging is small so it fits into my makeup bag brilliantly without taking up too much space.

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