Friday 20 June 2014

N.Y.C. Quattro Eyeshadow - Best of Broadway

I saw this a while ago in my local Superdrug and decided to pick it up to experiment with a smokey eye

There are a couple of different types of quads in the quattro eyeshadow range, and for a day to day look I thought the Best of Broadway would be the best one to test out.

Now when I was researching the specifics of this palette for the post I read that there was an instruction guide, well I pulled out the palette and looked on the back. There was the ingredient list and the little arrow telling you to open it up. If you are going to put instructions on something make it a lot simpler to find, trying to get into that thing was a pain in the bum.

As there are no names with the shades I have numbered them 1 - 4:

Shade 1
This is a dark black matte shade which is a great crease colour to outline the eyes or even in the outer corners and under the lower lash line.

Shade 2
This is a lovely dark red shimmer colour and again great for in the crease to define the eye.

Shade 3
This is a lovely champagne colour which is great as a base for the lids

Shade 4
This is the lightest of the shades and great for highlighting the inner corners of the eye when creating the smokey eye look that the palette recommends.

All the colours in the quad are quite pigmented (as seen in the swatches), they apply to the lids really well and blend really easily as well.

Overall a great palette to us for a smokey eye or if you just want to use one o the eyeshadows only, also as it is compact it is great to take away on holiday as it will fit into a small makeup bag.

This can be found on Superdrug website here and at £2.99 it is quite inexpensive.

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