Sunday 28 June 2015

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks

As you know I have become a lip product addict (I'm thinking about joining LPA - Lip Products Anonymous). Next up is Natural Collection

The lipsticks come in many shades and I currently have two here, now I know you are wondering why I don't have more well you will find out later on.

This is a gorgeous nude pink shade that gives the lips a nice wash of colour and aren't too drying on the lips.

This is a nice neutral brown shade that can be sheer once applied to the lips, but is buildable.

Now to answer your question as to why I don't have shedload of these rattling around, well the most common problem with these lipsticks is that they are known to snap in the bullet. I am unsure if this is down to the packaging, the shape of the lipstick itself , or even if there is something in the actual formulation of the lipstick that causes this, but I do know it does make me weary when purchasing more (or check the lipstick before purchase that it isn't snapped already).

The lipsticks do apply nicely to the lips and they aren't drying, the shape of the lipstick is also a plus as it allows for even application.

I would purchase more shades but I would be dubious about them snapping.

The lipsticks retail for £1.99 and can be found at your local Boots or online HERE.

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