Saturday 20 June 2015

L'Oreal Super Liner Black Crystals

I'm not the biggest fan of liquid eyeliners, we have an understanding, you stay away from me, I'll stay away from you. Thanks to a misunderstanding this liquid eyeliner found it's way into my basket.

The super liner is a liquid liner and the wand has a thin sponge brush on the end, and a very long cap (I find this helps to put the eyeliner where I want it and not create any mistakes).

I find that this eyeliner does dry really quickly without smudging and is quite an intense colour on the lids. I will admit that I don't really notice any of the shimmering sparkle that is contained within the formula once applied on the lids, but I do find that I can create a precise line.

Overall this is one of my favourite eyeliners and just looks really great on the lids.

I actually purchased this from my local Boots, but I was unable to find this on their website, I did manage to find it on the ASOS website HERE for £6.50.

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