Saturday 27 June 2015

Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield

My hair can be a hot frizzy mess, so I am always on the lookout for any haircare products that are going to stop frizz in its tracks, enter Avon Advance Techniques.

While perusing the Avon brochure I spotted this and decided to order it (I'd just run out of my Anti-Frizz from Superdrug so was in the market for something different).

Avon notes on its webiste that the serum is formulated with Lotus Shield Technology, which is supposed to help for a protective lightweight barrier on their hair which is supposed to hold up in humid weather and last through 2 washes.

So what you do is once you have washed your hair you shake the bottle and then apply half a teaspoon to the hair (more if you have longer hair).

Now onto the nitty gritty, did it actually work for me, and the answer is not really, I washed my hair applied it, and the next day I went to work as normal, well as soon as I went for a bathroom break and looked in the mirror my hair looked like I had stuck my fingers into a plug socket.

The formula just didn't work for me, and I also found it to be quite pricey for the size (£7.50 for 60mls). I was glad I managed to get this on offer.

Overall I wouldn't repurchase this as it just didn't work for me and my hair just kept going back to be a frizzy mess.

The product retails for £7.50 (but can sometimes be on offer), you can get this from your local Avon representative or online HERE.

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