Wednesday 10 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Singles

When Makeup Revolution came out they created a big stir, with their affordable products and their high quality.

The range of eyeshadow singles that they have is mind-blowing their is just too many to count, I have about 9 of them to review here today, so let's get on with the show.

Mocha Love
This is a pale beige shade and is quite pigmented, this would be good for a base shade if you are wanting to create an elaborate eye look.

I Want U
I really like this colour, it's a metallic gold shade but it is highly pigmented and only one swipe of the brush in the product is needed.

Hung Up
This is a metallic beige shadow, which again is pigmented but light on the lid so it is good for a natural look, and also good as a base colour.

This is a dark metallic shade, that is way out of my comfort, but I actually wore it and it did look quite good on the lids. It is also very pigmented so only a small amount is needed on the brush.

Dirty Cash
This is another metallic gold shade but lighter than I Want U so this is a good one for adding a little sparkle to a natural look.

I Need You
This is a dark metallic brown, that looks fantastic on the eyes and one of my favourite shades out of the 9 I have.

Good Life
This is a metallic, really light brown shade that when applied looks like a metallic white, so remeber that it is brighter on the lids then it is in the pan.

I love these eyeshadows as they apply really well and do look fantastic on the eyes. When swatching the shades they feel really buttery on the skin. I have also found that these shadows blend really well together when creating a smoky eye look.

I am looking forward to buying some more shades from the range to try them out and as they only retail for £1 they are really inexpensive. The eyeshadows can be found at your most Superdrug stores on online HERE.

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