Saturday 6 June 2015

The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care

I am always on the lookout for something that is going to tame the dryness of my lips, so when I heard about this from EssieButton on a favourites or skincare video that this was a good moisturising lip balm, I jumped in with both feet.

I bought this in January when I went to Meadowhall and I have been using this since then. I have found that this is a good lip balm for over night as it is a heavy formula to be sticking on your lips during the day. I'll apply this before bed on a night and when I wake up I can still feel the lip balm on my lips (I can taste it too!). One thing that I am not a fan of is the taste I can't stand the taste of this lip balm, but on a brighter note that is the only qualm I have.

I had a fighting match with the common cold recently, and if you were watching my Instagram I posted 2 pics of this, as I was using this constantly to help my lips out.

Overall I do love this lip balm, I find it works better as an overnight treatment rather then being used on a day to day basis as it is heavy on the lips.  I would repurchase this again, but at the moment I have 2 of them (one in my handbag, and another in my Helmer by my vanity table).

The lip balm retails for £5.00 and can be found on The Body Shop website HERE.

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