Thursday 16 January 2014

Lush Lip Scrub - Mint Juleps

My lips can be quite dry and I was in Lush in November and discovered their range of lip scrubs, I had a snifter as you do and loved the smell of Mint Juleps (it smelled of After Eights), and I thought was the right one for the upcoming christmas season.

What you do is you dab your finger into the pot and rub the product all over your lips, once you have scrubbed your lips you can then lick it off, I use water to wash it off because it's also dry skin as well yuk!

This also comes in Bubblegum, and Popcorn flavours.

This works really well on the lips to take off the dead skin but you do need to put a lip balm on after, the mint juleps one smells gorgeous and because of the mint is quite refreshing on your lips.

I will buy this product again but I will have to try the other smells/flavours.

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