Saturday 4 January 2014

Empties: December 2013

* denotes gift, ^ bought with points.

Welcome to another edition of my monthly empties.

As you know I was trying a use-up month in December and I did really well, so let's get on with the empties, I know I am also late with my empties, my favourites will be posted tomorrow.

  1. Chocomania Body Butter (The Body Shop) - I absolutely love this range, this body butter is just gorgeous, keeps my skin all lovely and smooth. I haven't repurchased as I'm using some others up at the moment.
  2. Nivea Invisible for Black and White Deodorant - This deodorant is suppose to go on clear and not transfer white patches onto black clothing or turn white clothing yellow. To be honest I didn't really notice if it did or not, I probably won't repurchase as again I have a load of deodorants flying around that need to be used up.
  3. 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes (Co-Op) - These were good for the price but they did feel quite rough on my skin so won't be repurchasing again.
  4. Cosmetic Brush Cleaner (Strictly Professional) - This is a favourite for cleaning my brushes, and the price is really reasonable, and I will be repurchasing this again.
  5. Strengthening Nail Polish Remover (Sally Hansen) - This wasn't a bad nail polish remover, removed all my polish and it did leave my nails feeling quite nice and smooth.
  6. Round Cotton Wool Pads x200 (Asda Skin System) - These I did find quite rough on my skin so I mostly used them for removing my nail polish but for the price (£1) they weren't bad and I would repurchase.
  7. Square Cotton Wool Pads x50 (Bodycare) - These I absolutely loved, they were so soft, and they were brilliant for spot cleaning my brushes, I will be repurchasing this again.
  8. Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Clarifying Shampoo -  This was flying around my bathroom for ages and I finally managed to finish it, it had a lovely smell and it did leave my hair feeling lovely and soft.
  9. Chocomainia Body Scrub (The Body Shop)* - This was part of a gift set that I got for Christmas 2012 and only just got round to using, and I am now wondering why it took me so long as this stuff was fantastic and smelt lovely.
  10. Cleansing Wipes (Boots)^ - These were a repurchase after finishing the co-op wipes, and one I will repurchase again
  11. Oval Cotton Wool Pads (Superdrug) - I initially didn't like these pads because they felt quite rough on my skin but they were great for cleaning my brushes.
  12. Maybelline SuperStay 24Hr Foundation: Light Beige - This was a fantastic foundation and one I will repurchase again in the near future. Had very good coverage and was very lightweight on the skin, and the colour match was brilliant too.
  13. Rimmel Exaggerate Shadow Primer - This was a good primer, and I might repurchase but at the moment am using my avon lid primer.
  14. Batiste Dry Shampoo: Floral - This was a travel size that I have had for ages and just managed to use it up.
  15. Cotton Wool Buds x2 (Superdrug) - These are my favourite cotton buds for cleaning up my nails after a messy mani, think I have 5 tubs of these and have just purchased another.
  16. Johnsons Baby Shampoo - I use this just to clean my brushes when doing a deep clean just to wash out the brush cleanser so there's nothing left behind on the brushes.
  17. B. Pure Micellar Water - This I was not impressed with, I couldn't take my eye makeup off with it because it stung my eyes something rotten. Won't be repurchasing again.
  18. Chocomaina Beautifying Oil (The Body Shop) - I like a body oil for when I come out of the shower/bath and this one was fantastic (if you notice the bottle got a bit battered from being in the shower - oopsie). The price of £9 is reasonable but I haven't repurchased as I am trying out cheaper alternatives (watch out for a post on one I'm trying at the moment)
Thanks for tuning in


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