Thursday 15 May 2014

Morny Lily of the Valley Body Moisturiser

I love Lily of the Valley, it is my favourite flower so when I spotted this moisturiser for £1 I couldn't say no. I've recently found this in Savers for the same price but this was also found in the local £ shop.

The scent of it is gorgeous, the scent is also quite strong but it lasts on the skin for hours. The formula of the moisturiser is one I am not used to as it is very liquidy (I'm a Body Shop body butter snob, which are a lot thicker then this one).

I did like this moisturiser it did melt into the skin quite easily and you didn't really need a lot of product to really moisturise your skin. One thing that I did notice is that it is blooming cold when putting it onto the skin.

I would repurchase this moisturiser again (but at the moment I have a backlog of body moisturisers that I need to use).

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