Friday 2 May 2014

April Favourites

Welcome to my April Favourites, I am sorry I know I am running 2 days behind so expect a bombardment of posts this weekend to catch up.

I haven't got many favourites this month, I've been on a use up month at the moment, I will admit there are mostly nail polishes in the post as I have used some great ones. Now on with the favourites.

Mark Hill Anti-Humidity Spray - When I do straighten my hair I have nightmares about my hair just frizzing out so this spray helps keep my hair frizz free, which for me is always good. It feels really light on the hair and doesn't feel like it is going to make my hair greasy by adding more product onto the hair.

Dove Original Antiperspirant - I always have a bottle of deodorant in my bag it is one of my bag staples. I had a travel sized of the dove orignal and forgot how great it smells so I had to go out and buy the compressed version.

Models Own HyperGel (Cornflower Gleam) - I aabsolutely love this light blue colour it looked brilliant on the nails and applied so well. I wore it for 4 days before I took it off to change the colour and it hadn't even chipped. I think if I left it on it would've lasted a lot longer on my nails.

Butter London (HRH) - This I wore to match an outfit I was wearing for a colleagues leaving party. This is a gorgeous purple colour and reminded me for the Cadbury's wrappers for Dairy Milk. The brush was quite small but allowed to get into the hard to reach bits.

MUA (Frozen Yoghurt) - This was such a different colour for Spring, it wasn't a pastel purple but it was just a hint darker then a pastel purple. It applied to the nails really well and dried really quickly.

Models Own Speckled Egg (Magpie) - April was Easter month and Models Own brought out their Speckled Egg collection. This was a gorgeous turquoise blue with speckles. It applied really well and looked amazing on the nail the speckles really did look good.

Thanks for tuning in



  1. Do you find the Speckled Egg hard to remove? It took me ages to get off but I love the effect! I have the MUA polish too and I love how quickly it dries. That shade is great but the same polish in pistachio ice cream is really streaky! Odd!

  2. I did find it hard to remove, think it took me through half a pack of cotton wool before it was all gone, I read on Vivianna Does Makeup to try PVA glue underneath it as it's supposed to help with glitter polishes. Haven't tried it yet as I keep forgetting to DOH!.
    I have Pistachio Ice Cream and haven't tried it yet will have to keep an eye on it when I apply it, thanks for the heads up.