Tuesday 13 May 2014

Limoncello - Avon Colour Gel

I know we are still in Spring but Summer is not far away so to start getting in the mood for the summer months I ordered Limoncello from the new Avon Gel Finish range that was recently released this year.

Limoncelo is a bright yellow polish with minute bits of glitter, it is highly pigmented (which really surprised me), I thought due to the colour it would take 4 coats max.

On the Avon site they state:-

"High impact nail colour with a gellike finish without a UV lam. Base coat, protection, shine, colour and top coat, all in one nail polish. Strengthens nails by up to 42%." (Avon Gel Finish page)

I have to admit that above statement from Avon is true, this nail polish is the shizz!! It took only two coats before the nail polish was opaque.

When it comes to the staying power of this nail polish I don't even think a jackhammer could remove this. I went into the shower while wearing this (now with other polishes, when in the shower they always chip or flake off due to the heat of the water), this polish never moved, never flaked, never chipped.

I loved this polish, once I put it on I was iffy about the colour as I wasn't sure if it suited my skin tone, but after a couple of days it did start to grow on me (this is always good).

I will be having a look at the other shades in the range, and think they will become a massive staple in  my nail polish collection.

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