Saturday 17 October 2015

W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher

The packaging of the bronzer reminds me of the Benefit Box O'Powders and this has been noted as a dupe for the Rockateur blusher. The blusher contains a lot of shimmer and is quite orange toned.

The blusher is quite orange in tone and I did notice when I applied it to my cheeks I just look a bit too much like I'd been Tango'd, but I did discover that this is great as a highlighter and the brush that comes with it is perfect for that purpose.

As you can gather by the above statement I wasn't a fan of this blusher, but when I noticed how good it was as a highlighter it has become one of my favourite products.

I have found that due to the orange tone it is completely different to the Rockateur blush as that is more rose toned and contains less shimmer

It applies well to the cheekbones and I have been using the brush that was supplied with the blusher. It is softer than the Benefit brushes and creates a nice line. The blusher blends well into the skin and gives a nice highlight to the cheekbones.

Would I repurchase this blusher, yes I would but not as a blusher but as a highlighter.

The blusher retails for £4.95 and can be found in your local B&M Bargains, The Factory Shop or online at Amazon HERE.

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