Thursday 6 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Amazing Curve/ Curl Mascara

As you know I am a mascara junkie (who am I kidding I'm just a makeup junkie). As you know by now Makeup Revolution has been one of the breakout makeup brands of the last year, so next on my review list is the Amazing Curve/ Curl mascara.

Now if your the eagle eyed reader like I know you are, you will have noticed that I have added the Curve/Curl. On the tube the mascara reads curve, but on the label with the barcode it reads amazing curl. Now that is all cleared up let's see what the mascara is actually like.

The mascara brush is what swayed me to purchase this as it is a thin brush and the curve is quite harsh, which allows for you to really use the curve in the corners of the eyes.

Makeup Revolution state that the formula boosts curls and will also separate the lashes while the curved wand then creates extra curl. Did the wand work, yes it did, it created a great curl on my lashes but I did notice quite a bit of fallout after a couple of hours (not the greatest of looks).

Would I repurchase this in the future and to be honest, no I wouldn't, due to the fact that it did have quite a bit of fallout and the curl just wasn't that amazing.

The mascara retails for £2.00 and can be found at your local Superdrug or online HERE, at the Makeup Revolution website.

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