Saturday 15 August 2015

Avon SuperExtend Liquid Liner

As you know I have become obsessed with liquid eyeliner, especially of the felt tip variety, so welcome Avon and their Super Extend Eyeliner.

The eyeliner contains a medium sized nib giving you the option of using a thick or a thin line (to be dramatic? or not to be dramatic? that is the question). The eyeliner applied well to the lash line and I was able to create a thin line or start thick and end thin (if I so wished)

The eyeliner has been promoted as being transfer resistant, and lasts all day, well I'm sorry to burst your bubble but this just is NOT transfer resistant. I went to the ladies at work and notice a nice line just under my brow bone where this had transferred.

Overall I did like this eyeliner, it was easy to use and easy to apply to the lash line, but what let it down was that it did transfer. Would I repurchase this again - probably not because I have a shedload of eyeliners to work through and this just transferred

The eyeliner retails for £6.50 and can be found online at the AVON website by clicking the link or from your local Avon representative.

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