Thursday 9 July 2015

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer (Brighten)

I love eyeshadow primer, it has become a staple part in my everyday makeup routine, so when I saw this from Makeup Revolution I just had to try it.

I have found with Makeup Revolution that some of their products can be hit and miss and this one is a miss for me.


When applied to the lid the actual product is quite a dark beige colour and very shimmery, I did find that when I applied my eyeshadow that it really did bring out the colour of the shadow and make it a lot more vibrant on the lids.

What I didn't like was that within 3 hours of using this my eyeshadow was creased and just looked like a hot mess of shadow gunk (not the greatest look). Makeup revolution state that Brighten is better for metallic eyeshadows, well even with metallics it still creased on me.

Overall I wouldn't repurchase this again as it just didn't work for me and keep my eyeshadow in place.

The product retails for £2.50, and can be found at your some Superdrug stores or online HERE.

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  1. That's a shame. Mind you it's £ would've been a miracle if it was that cheap and amazing! The Beauty Informer x