Thursday 27 August 2015

L'Oreal Miss Manga: Punky Mascara

When L'Oreal released the Miss Manga mascara everyone and their dog was going nuts for it, and I will admit so was I, so when they released their Miss Manga: Punky Mascara I headed for my nearest L'Oreal stand to pick one up.

The brush has limited bristles and reminds me of The Body Shop Waterproof Mascara. The bristles on the brush worried me as I didn't think they would go through my lashes, but I was surprised with how much I actually liked this mascara.

The conical shape of the brush allows for it to catch both you bottom and top lashes, while the large spaces between the bristles allow for it to create a punky comb look, which if you were so inclined allows you to create a spiked effect on your lashes. I will admit I have never really experimented with this but I did notice that once applied the lashes do stick together to create a spiky look.

I didn't notice any fallout whatsoever and the mascara didn't budge all day and it did create some good volume on my lashes.

Would I repurchase this again, and yes I would just because of the staying power.

The mascara retails for £8.99 and can be found at your local BOOTS or SUPERDRUG or by clicking the links.

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