Tuesday 10 February 2015

Makeup Revolution - Run Boy Run Palette

Makeup Revolution is a budget makeup force to be reckoned with, so when they brought out their salvation palettes, that was it I needed them. So here is Run Boy Run.

Run Boy Run contains 18 eyeshadows, 12 shimmers, and 6 matte shades.

The top row consists of 6 shimmer shades, you can see that I have been using Day is a Prophesy a lot (there is a tiny dent there), this is a great shade for creating a smoky eye by applying it to the crease.

The middle row is the last of the 6 shimmer shades and there are some lovely colours. I realy want to try more of the 'Break Out From Society', as it is such a lovely shade but trying to find something to blend it with is tricky.

The bottom row contains the 6 matte shades, out of this palette this is the most used section of this palette as the shades seem a lot easier to wear on a daily basis.
Between Head to the Hills and the You Are Finally Mine, are some great shades and some of my favourites from the palette.

Overall this is a great palette, I would say better for when you are wanting to create a smokey eye as the shades are just fantastic. The shadows are very pigmented, as you can see in the pictures and they just apply so well to the lids.

The palette retails for £6 which I think for eyeshadow palettes is quite inexpensive, this can be bought online at Superdrug or online at the Makeup Revolution website HERE.

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