Friday 4 August 2017

Travel Makeup Bag

As you read this I will currently be enjoying the sunny weather in the lovely Butlins Resort in Skegness (it's a family holiday, hoepfully it is sunny).

So while I was working out what to post in my first week back after my really, really, REALLY long hiatus I thought I would show what was in my travel makeup bag.

I will forewarn you that this is a long one, so it might be best to get a snack and a cup of tea just to keep you going.

The makeup bag was a freebie from the Clarins stand when I purchased 2 items in Debenhams, so I thought this would be good for a makeup bag.



KIKO City Filter SPF50
I got this ages ago when I went to the KIKO store on Regent Street in London, and I am so miffed they don't do this primer anymore as it is fantastic. It is liquid in it's formulation and just applies onto the skin brilliantly.


As it will still be Summer (fingers crossed for good weather), I want lighter bases, and I may have gone overboard with the three but I'm not sure how much is left in each of them, so I have a bit of a project pan going on at the moment with them.

Bourjois 123Perfect CC Cream
This again is another favourite CC cream it applies so well to the skin and is so lightweight.

Rimmel BB Cream Matte
I like this BB cream and really it is the only one I have but again it is very lightweight on the skin.

GOSH CC Cream Illuminating Foundation
I love this CC Cream, it applies so well to the skin and doesn't go cakey.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
This is my favourite concealer, and there was no way it wasn't coming with me, I consider this my holy grail concealer as so much goes a really, really. REALLY, long way.

Essence Camouflage Concealer
This is a new purchase for me and thought I would bring it along and see how it went. It is more a baptism of fire for this concealer.


Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Powder
Again like the Naked Skin Concealer this is one of my favourite face powders and I think this is my 2nd pot of this.



Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Eden
What can I say I am a bit of an Urban Decay freak, every product of theirs I have tried has been fantastic, and this one is no different. My eyeshadow doesn't crease with this and just stays put all day.


MUA Luxe Eyeshadow Palette - Enraptured & Enchanted
I have probably gone a bit OTT with this buuuuttt they are tiny palettes and contain 5 shadows each. Enchanted is the rosy toned eyeshadow palette, while enraptured is the nude shades, great eyeshadows and really blendable.


E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner - Black
This is a new purchase and it has made it in here because it claims to be waterproof, can't wait to try this one out from E.L.F.

Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
I have been using this one for a while and I do like it, but I really want to put it through its paces while I'm away.

GOSH Eyeliner - Brown
I absolutely love this eyeliner, great for during the day, if you just want a subtle eye look.


Barry M Lash Saver
I always thought that lash primers were a massive gimmick, but colour me stunned when I used this and it really gave my lashes a boost, and has become part of my makeup routine on a morning.


Clarins Supra Volume Mascara*
I got this as a free sample in Debenhams when I bought 2 Clarins products, so I thought this would be a good one to take on holiday with me.

The Body Shop Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara
This I am nervous about using again as it is like cement once it is applied to the lashes and just doesn't budge, even when using an eye makeup remover that works with waterproof mascara. I'm going to see how the Clarins eye makeup remover does against this.

PS Aqua Lash Waterproof Mascara
This is a new acquisition from Primark, I haven't really tried much of their makeup since they had the rebrand and released a load of new products to the line, so I thought I would use this waterproof mascara while I was away on holiday.


Soap & Glory - The Missing Pink
I'm not the biggest fan of pink lipstick but this is one of my favourites, it doesn't dry your lips out and the shade is just your lips but better.

MAC - Mehr
This is a great nude colour and it applies so easily to the lips and just looks fantastic,

Christian Dior - Diorific
I've packed a nude and this is one of my favourites, the formula of the lipstick is so creamy and it just looks great on the lips.


Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray
One of my favourite setting sprays (yes this is the old packaging), I've bought about 2 of the big bottles previously and this is the travel size (which I did fill up with some of the big bottle). It's not to wet when applied to the skin and just really mattifies my makeup so it doesn't slip off of my face.

I hope you liked the post, and I will admit it was a long one, I have probably overpacked for just one week away but a girl needs to have options.

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