Sunday 8 March 2015

Weekly Round-Up #9 (2nd Mar 2015 - 7th Mar 2015)

Welcome to another Weekly Round-Up, sorry for the late post but it has been such a busy week at work I am all out of synch with blogging and I am trying to catch up.

#ManiMonday - Mist - Barry M
This is a gorgeous colour for Spring, and looks really great on the nails.

Revlon Blusher - Racy Rose
A great blusher that adds a nice flush of colour to the cheeks.

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara
A great mascara that really lengthens the lashes and doesn't make them look clumpy.

February Favourites
Another favourites post, this one is full of some nail polish, shower products, and others, go and check it out.

February Empties
Jam packed with a shed load of empties (it still surprises me how much I can get through in a month)

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
A great soap (especially for cleaning your brushes), I will be repurchasing this in a different scent though.

Go and check out the posts you may have missed this week, and have a great week next week.

Thanks for tuning in


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