Wednesday 9 July 2014

N.Y.C. Big Bold Bronzer - ManhatTan

When it comes to bronzer I will admit I am a newbie, I've never really dabbled and when I started to become more adventorus I wanted to dip my toe into the bronzer waters (so to speak).

I didn't want to spend a huge amount on bronzer if it all ended going a bit tits up (which in my case is more then likely to happen). I was browsing the Superdrug website at their selection of bronzers when I came across this for £3.99. I ended up going in my local Superdrug and picked it up, if it went wrong it didn't end up costing me the earth.

The bronzer is a light brown colour with a red undertone and a hint of shimmer running through it, the bronzer applies well to the face and blends really well to add some colour to the face when needed (this has become a part of my normal makeup routine).

I love the colour of the bronzer, it's not too dark for my skin tone and does add a nice bit of colour to my complexion (I'm pale so it makes me look like I have actually been outside during summer).

Overall a really great bronzer, and one I was glad I picked up.

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