Saturday 12 July 2014

Retractable Brushes

Brushes, who does not love a good makeup brush, what I don't love is travelling with makeup brushes. The bristles get bent, some can fall out, and then once used they make a mess of your makeup bag.

So here comes the retractable brushes, not a lot is said or written about these little wonders so I thought it was time something was. When travelling and your trying to keep things to a minimum having a brush roll with you full of makeup brushes is just going to take up room so that is where these little beauties come in.

Trying to find these brushes can be a pain, I needed brushes for foundation, blusher, bronzer, and setting powder. I managed to find a retractable foundation brush from ecotools as well as a kabuki brush which is great for powder..

Superdrug Blusher Brush - I bought this to use with bronzer, this should be good to apply and buff it into the skin.

EcoTools Kabuki Brush - This I have been using for setting powder, and it is brilliant for applying powder to the skin as the bristles are so soft, because the head is quite large it also allows for a small amount of powder to be placed over a large area.

Boots Blusher Brush - This is will be used for blusher as the head is quite small so it won't deposit a large amount of blusher onto the face.

EcoTools Foundation Brush - This has to be the only retractable foundation brush that I have seen in a store anywhere (if you have seen others comment below). It's got a thin head so it is good for getting into to all the crooks and crannies on my face.

Some of these brushes I have used and some I am going to be trying out and see how they go. Have you used any good retractable brushes recently.

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