Monday 21 July 2014

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Cream

This was a last minute purchase before I went to Skegness last May, I was reading a blog post by Serena over at Pretty Wild Things (her Summer Beauty Essentials - Boots), when I read up about this little beauty.

The premise of this sun lotion is that it has been designed to work under makeup (for all those beauty mavens out there this is a godsend), as soon as I knew this little titbit about it that was it I was sold and on my trip to boots it ended up in my basket.

The product looks very eye catching with the coloured swirls in the bottle and the bottle comes with a pump (making this easy for application onto the face)and once the cream is pumped out it comes out in a flat ribbon, and gives off a scent of coconut.

I did find this to be a bit sticky and greasy once applied to the skin (this is not a good sign for anyone with oily skin, so I was wary about using this). I also found that once I had applied a setting powder over my makeup it did take some of the greasiness away.

I wasn't that sold on this sun cream as it did feel quite greasy and felt like my makeup was just going to slide off once heat was added to the mix. I did mix this in with a foundation that did not have an SPF to see if the foundation would counteract the greasiness of the suncream, and it did help quite a bit and once powder was added it did calm it down.

I wouldn't buy this again due to the amount of steps you have to go through just to get to the point where I feel my makeup is going to stay on. The theory behind the cream is sound and if it worked for me it would have been amazing, but it didn't.

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