Sunday 6 April 2014

SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Face Powder

As you already know I have oily skin so anything that is going to combat that during the day will be a godsend.

I thought I would give SEVENTEEN's Miracle Matte face powder a try and see if this could keep the oil at bay. This comes in three shades and I chose the lightest shade, it retails at Boots for £3.99.

This is a useful compact that can be taken with you in your handbag, it comes with a sponge so you can dab the powder onto the skin during the day for touch ups.

I did notice that when I used this it seemed to give my face an orange tinge to it, which would then mean I would have to go over my face with a powder brush just to remove some of the  powder. The orange tinge was not the kind of look I was wanting to go with during the day.

I liked the powder (as you can see in the picture I've just hit pan), but I really wasn't a big fan of the orange tinge so I really don't think I'd repurchase this powder once it has finished.

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  1. A lot of powders oxidize on me and I tried a lot, but one that never does is the Rimmel stay matte powder in transparent.