Thursday 28 May 2015

Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Crayons

I blame my purchase of these lip crayons on EssieButton, she did a Taylor Swift makeup look and I just loved the colour on her lips, so I was enabled and ended up purchasing that colour, and 2 more.

The range comes in 12 shades that I know off and retail for £5.99 and can be found at your local Boots or Superdrug (or online if you click the links). The product boasts that it adds colour as well as moisturises the lips, well let's see if this is true.

The Redder, The Better
This was my enable purchase thanks to EssieButton, the colour is such a classic red, and applies to the lips beautifully. I found this to be the most pigmented out of the three

Viva Violet
This is a lovely violet colour with pink undertones, I found that this applies to the lips well but the crayon needs to be built up as the colour is quite sheer when applied.

Keep Mauving
This is more of a brown colour with pink undertones (hence the mauve...probably), just like Viva Violet I found this to be very sheer when applied and again needs to be built up.

The crayons did feel moisturising on the lips and you can see in the lip swatches that the crayons gave the lips a nice sheen once applied.

These are great little lip crayons but I think with some of the shades it is hit and miss with the pigmentation of them. Out of the three shades here The Redder, The Better is my favourite shade as you really do not need to build this up much.

Would I repurchase these again or purchase any more in the range, I would look at other colours in the range as they weren't bad, and if you are looking for just a splash of colour on the lips these would be a good option.

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