Saturday 3 May 2014

April Empties

Welcome to my April empties, it always surprises me how much I actually get through it a month. Anyway let us get on with the show:-

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - This is a great cleansing water, I love that you get 400mls for 4/2.99 (depending on where you shop) and it lasted around 2 months of constant use to get my makeup off and just general cleansing.

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray - I love this heat protectant, I use it all the time when I am straightening my hair as it really protects my hair from high heats and doesn't make it feel greasy afterwards.

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil - I love a body oil after a bath/shower as I feel that a bath/shower takes more moisture so the oil just gives an intense hit of moisture. I wrote in my post about this that my hands got greasy and made it hard to use the pump. Once I stopped have a stupid moment I realise to spray it all over first then rub in. I did like this oil but it is a bit pricey about the same price range as The Body Shop Beautifying oil so I would repurchase if it was on offer.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray - I was iffy with this product and in some ways I still am it had a weird smell and when I sprayed the product it just seemed to go everywhere but my face and for £8 I don't think I would purchase this again.

Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub - This is the second time this has shown up in my empties and it probably will show up again. I love this scrub it really does clear all the dead skin and leaves my skin feeling really soft. I will be repurchasing when I've used up some of my other body scrubs.

Superdrug Oval Cotton Wool Pads - I went through 2 packets of these which is quite amazing, but I do love these to spot clean my brushes with the No7 Brush Cleanser. They are oval so I can really swirl the brush around the pad, I already have a backup packet in place.

Bodycare Pink Round Cotton Wool Pads - I like Bodycare's cotton wool pads as they are really soft on the skin, and these were pink so it was quite a novelty. I would purchase these pads again when I am next near a Bodycare shop

Pure Baby Soft & Gentle Baby Wipes - I used to do my makeup in the bathroom but over Christmas my partner got me the No7 light up mirror so I have sorted out a little vanity area for me but I have applying products then opening another product and just making a mess. I use a baby wipe to clean my hands while applying then I properly wash my hands afterwards to get rid of everything.
These were OK baby wipes which I got from my local Home Bargains shop for under £1, I would repurchase again as they were ok.

There's my empties, I hope you enjoyed yourself, and where there any products there that you have been using and loved/hated.

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    1. I surprise myself every month how quickly I go through them, I should buy stocks I'd make a fortune.