Monday 11 August 2014

Avon Infinitize Mascara

I was perusing the catalogue when I noticed this mascara (there was a 2 page spread on the mascara so it was pretty hard to miss). As you know I am a mascara junkie so when I saw the brush on this thing that was it I wanted to try it.

The brush is quite large so it does take some getting used to especially when applying the mascara at the roots. The brush is very different to what I have tried before (in the picture the brush looks quite scary). The brush is also different as it has larger bristles which then start to get smaller as you get to the end of the brush.

The mascara contains lash sculpting, lengthening fibres and a curling molecule that will help shape and set the mascara for 24hours. I will admit that I do like this mascara and the brush did take some time to get used to (there was some poking of the eye with the bristles, depth perception was a tiny bit off), but once I got used to the mascara wand I found that it really did lengthen my lashes and didn't clump, there was also no excess product on the brush (as you know I hate this with a passion).

I managed to get the mascara when it was on offer, but it fully retails at £10.00, which for an Avon mascara is very common, and with Avon their makeup is always on offer (so keep an eye out)

Overall a great mascara, and one I would repurchase again.

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